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Tinted, cemented record player lid

Clear HQ Lid for JBE

Solvent Glued Lid For Well Tempered Versalex

HQ Lid For Garrard 401

HQ Lid For Garrard 301

Well Tempered Versalex Budget Lid

Well Tempered HQ Lid

record player lid

Record Player/Turntable Lid

As vinyl replay is becoming more popular and the sale of vinyl records has hit a high, the use of a quality record player/turntable lid has become important.

Whether it’s purely for practical reasons such as keeping pets or children away from the delicate and often very expensive cartridge, or it’s simply making a style statement, a bespoke cover/lid can be a very attractive and worthwhile addition to your domestic hifi setup.

This is especially true if you are lucky enough to have one of the High End record players that comes without a lid (such as Well Tempered), or you are using a wonderful 1950’s classic like a Garrard 301, or a ’60’s classic like a Garrard 401 in a custom made plinth.

As the recommended manufacturer of lids/covers for Well Tempered Record Players through John Burns at Pear Audio in the UK, we have built up a nationwide reputation over the last 20 years as the¬†place to come to for custom lids/covers for record players. So if it’s a WT player, a JBE, a Garrard or any other make, if you cherish it, we will be happy to custom make a lid/cover to your specification.

We have formulated methods to suit most pockets, whether it’s a simple budget clear cover, or one in a tint or colour, complete with “pencil edging”, we can help. We can even laser engrave a motif, logo or name on to the cover for you as well.

We’re also happy to offer advice about care for you custom cover. We’re proud of what we make, so we want you to be able to enjoy it for a long time.

This one is for a Well Tempered record player.

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