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Large Gear Wheel

Large Gear Wheel


Large  Gear Wheel For The Food Industry made from Black HDPE.

The food processing industry can be more demanding than some other industries.

Non contamination, hygiene and ease of cleaning are very important factors.

When you add to this energy usage, corrosion resistance and reduced noise levels, then it’s easy to see why if a suitable alternative to metals can be found they are ideal for the food industry.

Just such a situation arose when a local food processing machinery manufacturing company came to us for a bespoke solution.

Using our clients CAD files (although we’re happy to produce them for you), we machined these double sided gears from 40mm thick black Polyethylene plate on our CNC flat bed router.

This material has the advantage of being lighter, self lubricating, easier to clean, quieter and not prone to corrosion like metal gears, resulting in less energy being used and less noise being produced, also, because of our machine’s large 3m x 1.5m bed and its eight position rotary tool changer, we are able to machine multiples of an item at any one time, thus reducing the costs to our customer.

This and similar industries also use chain guides and wear plates made from this material (see video of chain guides being machined).

Because of our background and training in the engineering and plastics industries we are often referred to new clients as the people that can help, regardless of the enquiry.

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