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HiFi Tower Isolating platform

Acrylic is well known for its natural damping qualities and has long been used in a variety of applications within HiFi, such as record player platters, plinths, amplifier cases and loudspeaker cabinets.

One of our customers had a well known curved sided rack, which he wanted to put on top of a double acrylic isolating platform, so by carefully emulating the shape of the original shelf system with it’s radii and chamfers and upscaling the sizes, we were able to produce a cosmetically and audibly stunning double isolation platform.

This beautiful piece was made from highly polished 25mm clear cast acrylic.

There are apparently two schools of thought regarding feedback and isolation of hifi. One method (which this uses) is to isolate the equipment from external influences with the use of spikes, effectively “acoustically grounding” the equipment. The acrylic further adds to this by being a very good acoustically sympathetic material (as well as being extremely good looking).

During the machining process we also included tapping holes for the thread of the spikes that need to be used.