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Dreaming Free

Dreaming Free


Dreaming Free

For this project we were approached by a local artist who had the wonderful and unique idea of creating a bespoke original artwork display that encouraged you to change it’s orientation depending on your preference. He wanted the viewer to be able to rotate the piece to view it as you wanted.  After several meetings we jointly decided on a method of construction and manufacture. We then scanned the outline of the original piece to create a CAD file. This was then tool-pathed and CNC machined on our 3m x 1.5m flat bed router, creating a “frame” or “sandwich” consisting of 3mm clear UV filtering and white Perspex acrylic, which was bonded using a combination of solvent gluing and coloured cement (2 part) techniques. This offered the best aesthetic finish, which gave the appearance of a joint free edge. This also had the effect of encapsulating the original artwork to protect it. The edges were then finished to a high polish.

As the unit had to be wall mounted and to be able to rotate easily by the viewer, the assembly was bonded to a wall mounted mechanism that we designed in house, so that it could be turned.


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