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Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley


Bridget Riley Screen Print

Because of our reputation within the museum and gallery world, a prominent picture framer recommended this client to us.

The client had an original Bridget Riley screen print on acrylic which dated from the 1960’s. It was desperately in need of some restorative “TLC”.

The original acrylic frame was somewhat “tired” and stressed and in danger of breaking. To try and eliminate any further stress on this desirable piece of art, we designed a frame that was in keeping with the original concept, but allowed the artwork to “float” and be supported rather than being part of the structure of the frame. The original frame was also held together using self tapping screws. Feeling that this method was not in the best interests of this quality piece, we decided upon a drilled and tapped method using quality unobtrusive stainless steel machine screws. Using our CNC machining facilities we manufactured a new frame “moulding” from clear Perspex acrylic, but again using mitred joints to keep the “look” of the piece. The acrylic chosen for the face was the Perspex VA grade. This acrylic was originally formulated for the Victoria and Albert Museum and their demands for a “protective shield” from the negative effects of UV light, whether from natural or artificial light sources. It has superior UV filtering characteristics, so is ideal for original and archival work of the type that we specialise in.

The client was absolutely delighted with the finished result and that we were able to salvage the original parts of the frame for posterity and provenance

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