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Cement Scraper


Bulk international transport of cement often takes place by sea and once it reaches its port of destination, its offloaded using a suction pipe system.

However, not all corners of the hold can be reached efficiently by this method alone.

This is when a “helping hand” is needed.

Using a digger bucket, the “awkward leftovers” are loosened and agitated so that they can be sucked up with the vacuum system.

Using a steel bucket against the hull is potentially damaging for the ship, so our client asked if we could emulate a steel scraper and make one from black Polyethylene.

The advantages of Polyethylene over steel include being much lighter with much less potential for damaging to the hull. Another benefit of Polyethylene is that it also has really good abrasion resistance and will often outlast steel.

Once all dimensions were taken from the steel unit and a cad file produced with appropriate toolpathing, the sheet of PE was first skimmed to thickness using our CNC Mulicam MG flat bed router.Then on the same machine, all the detail including bores for the fixing bolts and the chamfer on both long edges was machined. The unit was then turned over for reverse machining of the countersinks