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Refrigerated Display

Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Chosen for its weight advantage and resistance to breakage over glass, acrylic is often used by cruise liners as the optimum choice for food display.

This is because glass has shown to have a tendency to crack from either handling, or the various vibrations a ship can experience.

Acrylic is also Food Safe.

It is used extensively in food display areas in supermarkets and shops.

We are proud to be associated with local and national Refrigerated Fabric Servicing companies, who look after these refrigerated displays for their clients. We cater (no pun intended) for their replacement acrylic needs. Whether it is a replacement moulded Delicatessen Screen, Shelf Risers, or Dividers (including break resist units for chest freezers).

We have been known to make a replacement unit from a cardboard template while the engineer waited.

You will see the various stages of creating a deli screen from start to finish in the accompanying photographs. This starts with a profile drawn onto a spare piece of cardboard. From that we digitize that shape to create a cad file, so that we can make the components of a moulding jig from machined plywood and mdf. This moulding jig is then used for drape moulding of heated acrylic panel for the replacement sneeze screen.

This process is also used to make moulded machine guards, an example of which is in the Engineering section of this website

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